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Whitecap Composite
Ben Parker - 978-278-5718
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There is a NEW builder of the Comet. They are Whitecap Composites in Peabody, Massachusetts. The owner is Ben Parker who uses a proven infusion production technique. They specialize in small high quality performance one design sail boats, as you will see on their web site. With their production process the Comets will be very stiff and at minimum weight.

Whitecap Composites will also be a one stop shopping destination, like we once had 33 years ago with the Obergs. When in need of any specific Comet supplies such as a mast, boom, centerboard, rudder, etc, they will be in stock. 

A basic ready to race Comet will be available for $13, 995. For the do it yourself sailor, they will also sell the hull and deck with the side tanks and double bottom for $7,995, or they will sell just the hull for $3,750 for those who want to build their own deck.

Shared Experiences - Sailing World January/February 2017
One Sailor's Connection to his beloved One-Design Class Serves as an Example of Why We Sail

Skaneateles Boat Company

Recently, all of the Comet production records of the Skaneateles Boat Company were transfered from the original ledger into a spread sheet by Dave Miller of the Skaneateles Historical Society. The links below show that the fine craftsmen in Skaneateles were responsible for 1300 + Comets from 1935 to 1948. The handwritten ledger was, at times, difficult to read so if any of the Class Members have any changes or additions to the records, please contact Dave Miller.

Dave Miller
Skaneateles Historical Society

Skaneateles Comet boat number Records

Skaneateles Comet by state Records "where sold"

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Comet Masts and Parts

Mini Comet Parts Catalog

I am the exclusive dealer for Comet masts made by Selden Masts USA. I can supply masts, booms and rig packs that meet the Class specs at very good prices. My company is a sole proprietership and I basically just do this to help keep the Comet Class alive. I built a Comet in 2009 and have worked up a GRP spec for the boat in hopes that we can find a builder that will do a satisfactory job buildling new boats.

Bill Wolf
Spar Tech Enginnering Company
16 North Bluff Rd.
Chesapeake City, MD 21915

The Sailors’ Tailor, Inc.

The Sailors' Tailor is excited to announce we have a new and very informative website which has descriptions of the different styles of covers, fabrics, informs the buyer what to look for in order to buy a cover which will last 8 to 10 years instead of the industry norm of 5 years, and has on-line ordering. The Sailors' Tailor manufacturers 170 one design sailboat covers and accessories since 1972.

1480 W. Spring Valley-Paintersville Rd.
Spring Valley, Ohio 45370

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Aluminum Centerboards

Contact Don Lyons


Coral Reef Sailing Apparel

Coral Reef Sailing Apparel prides itself in providing quality apparel and merchandise for every sailor's unique needs. We specialize in offering yacht clubs, classes, teams, and retail customers with performance wear, customized apparel, and accessories. Some of the brands we carry include Gill, Zhik, Marmot, Columbia, Harken, and Patagonia. CRSA is best known for our ongoing attendance at various regattas. Please don't hesitate to contact us should you need anything!

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Sailing Source

Comprehensive sailing site with links to class organizations, boat reviews, message boards and video.

Sailing World

Website for Sailing World and Crusing World magazine.

The Ultimate Sailing Resource Guide

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

"One of the most popular classes of racing boat in American history, the Comet, is represented here by Zoea, built in 1932 by a local builder. Zoea is the first of more than 4,000 Comets built"

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