Introducing the New International Comet


Other boats have come and gone but in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio and Bermuda the Comet is still going strong. It is the most successful, active, two-person racing class in our area today.

The International Comet Class and several of our most dedicated class members have developed and constructed a brand new Comet for 2015.

The biggest and most important news in 2015 is that there is a NEW builder of the Comet. They are Whitecap Composites in Peabody, Massachusetts. The owner is Ben Parker who uses a proven infusion production technique. They specialize in small high quality performance one design sail boats, as you will see on their web site. With their production process the Comets will be very stiff and at minimum weight.

Whitecap Composites will also be a one stop shopping destination, like we once had 33 years ago with the Obergs. When in need of any specific Comet supplies such as a mast, boom, centerboard, rudder, etc, they will be in stock. 

A basic ready to race Comet will be available for $13, 995. For the do it yourself sailor, they will also sell the hull and deck with the side tanks and double bottom for $7,995, or they will sell just the hull for $3,750 for those who want to build their own deck.

Letter from Whitecap Composites

New Comet and parts order form

For more detailed information or to order a New Comet please contact:

Whitecap Composite
Ben Parker - 978-278-5718
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